Perfect summer home

This summer is being extremely hot and we have just finished an amazing secluded bungalow extension and refurbishment in Kew. This project has the perfect garden externally and ample space inside to relax with high ceilings, ideal for venting. We are really happy with this project.

reception_kitchen (1)rear


Published KBB Article_Loft Conversions

We have had a number of published articles these past months regarding house extensions and loft conversions. Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms magazine featured two of our lofts on their February 2018 issue with comments from Sergio Olave, our RIBA qualified Architect Director and founder.

The article across 4 pages features tips and guidance for creating your ideal loft conversion through planning & building control. It also touches on advise for things to consider before appointing your professional qualified team.



Finished House Extension Projects

We have finished 2 amazing house extension projects in the office recently. A side return and a full-witdh rear extension with loft conversion, both in Twickenham.

PR_white render extension

PR-kitchen extension

The idea in both projects was to create an open plan living layout to suit contemporary living within a traditional house typology.

Both clients are happy with the result, which makes our job so rewarding.

MR_side return

MR_Kitchen extension view

We have new emerging projects which we can’t wait to see finished as they will be quite striking.

Exciting Times

We are currently going through really exciting and busy times at TW10 Architects. We are involved in many house extension projects both locally in Richmond and London.

We have recently completed two loft conversions with L-Shape dormers and the results are extremely pleasing both for client and team.


We have also been involved in many ground floor rear extensions. Technical architectural drawings for Building Control have been produced and procedures such as Thames Water build-over agreements have been arranged on our clients’ behalf, as we are always happy to help.


TW10 Architects always work together with the appointed contractor to achieve the best co-ordinated high quality results that our clients need. We liaise with all relevant consultants to produce high standard architectural design.

Benefits of staying put and expanding your home with house extensions

Over time, our space requirements change because our family size has increased and the kids are growing up. They are entering the troubled teens, where everyone wants their own personal space. With these things in mind, there are several options you could consider. You could move to a bigger house, but the size you are thinking of is too expensive. Plus, you love the neighborhood you live in. Everyone is so nice as your friends and family live here. Your house is close to work and the children’s school. The best option to manage this situation is house extension. You could add more rooms to your house, if you have space and the local council allows you to do it.

The next thing is, whether you want to add more rooms or extend some of the rooms. You could think of adding a bathroom, a bedroom or extending the kitchen. Many homeowners require house extensions in London with electric and sanitary work. This kind of extension can bring a variety of advantages to your home. If you opt for a single story extension, then choose it on the side of your main building. A double storey extension adds more space and as well as increases ventilation. The type of extension you opt depend on your need for space as well as aesthetic appeal and budget.


Moreover, there will be a series of permits and documentation that needs to be done, before you can legally extend or add rooms. Whatever the case, it is better to get a professional architect to design your extensions. Professional architects can design the extensions within the council guidelines. Additionally, a professional will also guide you through all the required documentation at each stage of the project.

TW10 creativity to convert an office into a well-designed family house

With 14 years of experience, TW10 is determined to bring innovation with functionality. Affiliated with RIBA Chartered Architects. From the last many years, this young team is making creative residential and house extensions in Richmond. We aim to provide every project distinct and of top quality for every client. Our distinctive role in the field of architecture has also been recognized by OPEN PLANNED – a leading brand and industry leader in home architecture. One of our most extraordinary projects is office transformation into a home. The project was a B1 office space which was converted into a three bedroom family house. This has brought many appreciations for our company. The best part is that this has been mentioned on the website of OPEN PLANNED in a tender praising tone. We feel proud bearer of this tribute! It was very motivational for our team.


Bros Property Development wanted to convert an office into a 3 Bedroom family house. Despite all the limitations associated with its design, structure and area, our creativity helped them to convert the office place into a well-designed family house. It has the required windows for light and expanded as per the requirement of a family. Moreover, this 3 Bedroom family house is in compliance with the building regulations. The evolved architecture of the building let us bag another satisfied customer – inspired by our creativity and amazed by our professional perfection. Such friendly appraisals keep us motivated and we are always on our feet for any house extensions in Richmond.

Your place means a lot to you and this love lets you stay connected to its previous design – even when you want to leave it, convert it or change it altogether. This connection doesn’t let you flare your imagination up to new boundaries – that is where you need an architect – that is when we jump in your landscape. In all our years of working, we have renovated places and carved out many new architectural designs in Richmond – letting us achieve many tributes and praises. That is what we did for Bros Property Developments!

If you want right changes in your place with an amazing architecture, do give us a call. Try us and we will never let you down!

Plenty of Reasons to Plan House Extensions in Richmond

There are plenty of reasons to plan an extension for your home in Richmond. One of the major facts is that you are looking for the additional living space in your home. At the same time, you may want to add value to your home prior to the sale. It is very important to alter the interior or functionality of a property.

The factors may vary in choosing a right method for your house extensions Richmond. Usually, the laws, regulations and surrounding intimidate people to save costs in order to adhere to the requirements. A reputable builder can offer detailed information in relation to this matter. This will not only reduce the stress and pressure but also make the process straightforward. Some concerns may be your neighbor right to light. Minimum ceiling heights and the understanding of required Building Regulations play an important role to set the size of a room or extension.

architect in Richmond

There are a number of comprehensive services offered by reputed building contractors. A new room can be created for the sole purpose to get a new extension. Always avoid creating a walk-through ground or a dumping place because it will inevitably mean that you are losing more than gaining. Furthermore, you need to confirm whether you have adequate facilities. Adding bedrooms in a house means you are going to increase your requirement for bathrooms. This means you need to add further rooms in your home. Careful consideration should be made in order to add other bathroom facilities in your home.

The last thing, you need to do is to hire a professional architect in Richmond. You should be able to identify the best-served professional in your area. They will most probably offer support, where required. It ensures the smooth running of the entire process from beginning to completion or even beyond.

Discover your Home Style with Architect in London

TW10 is a team of young and energetic RIBA Chartered Architects. We are located in London and working in the residential sector from more than 14 years. Right now, our main focus is on house extensions in Surrey, Richmond and London. Proving our services to all sets of affordable houses to private luxury flats, we believe in providing our services to all types of residential communities because houses are what define the cultural subjective typology. Our network is perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the environment and diverse culture. It is our ideology to improve the living style of residents with comfortable and sustainable homes.

It is one of our prime priorities to design energy efficient residential projects with the help of our architects in London who are constantly involved in getting comprehensive knowledge of latest technology and up to date schemes. We have previously been involved with other companies in the design of green residential schemes which provide long term health benefits for the user.


The demand of residential construction is always driven by government & corporate spending. Profitability depends on the number of contracts and it is based on efficiency and hard work. Large firms like us are better equipped to manage large projects and design the diverse geographic areas. Our major services including architectural plans and engineering designs are especially drafted out for the ideal construction. As local Architects in Richmond we can manage local construction work with local competent contractors on a broad range of projects.

TW10 Architects will discuss & agree all the design options with you. The main requirement to start our work is your satisfaction and for this purpose, we can arrange pre-planning council advice if necessary. We will also guide you through the appropriate permitted development or full planning permission route. On your behalf, we will submit all the required and necessary planning documentation. Our local team will guide you on the project with their experience and professionalism. We can also tender and specify your project in order to achieve a bespoke project to suit your budget.

How About Saving Some Money With Simple House Extensions?

Gone are those times when people had to switch homes for seeking extra space or better accommodation. Relocation is not only stressful but also goes heavy on your budget making it almost impossible. Hence for making it easier, people are now more inclined to extend their homes instead of moving or purchasing a new one.

An in-depth analysis of house prices prior any decision is a basic trick to cost-effective extension. Ideally speaking it provides you a good return for your additional investment. Updated bathrooms, kitchens, attics, added sleeping and living space not only save you some time but also add value to your existing property. Selecting an architectural design Richmond well suited for your place can be done by detailed internet surfing or contacting an alleged company with professional designers.


Do keep in mind some points for making an intelligent decision.

  • Decide how many floors you want to extend, do you want to add more room or just extend the existing ones to add more space.
  • In most cases permission from local authority is needed but building regulation approval is a necessity. The builder you chose must have a detailed understanding of rules and regulations.
  • Once decided what kind of extension is required hire a designer or architect to plan everything for you. They are specialized to convert a congested area more spacious and a place to worth living.
  • If you are planning to add additional rooms to accommodate your family, also it comes with the need of more vehicles so adding the front garden in the plan is the best option.
  • Get a detailed contract with the hired builder for the number of payments throughout the building process.

So, if you are planning for successful house extensions in London, better consult experienced builders and designers.

Home Extension- The Best Way To Accommodate and Protect Your Family

In this modern world, technological advancement and globalization are the main two reasons, that people have lots of facilities to make their life easier and simpler. These days, people have easy access to the anything, as well as having the substitutes of almost everything, that is why they always strive to improve their lifestyle. To approach a perfect living standard, they really need to look for a place where their family is accommodated and at the same time protected. That is why, the house extensions in London are the most advisable ways to make the family in a perfect place.

house extensions in London

Home extension is pondered as a great investment for the homeowners, that requires less amount of money. Through the home extension, you can not only add some extra space in your residence, but also make it a perfect place for living of your loved ones. Nowadays, buying a new bigger house can be a daunting task, so building a home extension in your existing home is the ultimate option to meet the expanding family requirements. In the home extension, you can use your idle space in an effective and practical way, and create a home office, storage room, theater, studio and anything else that you need.

No doubt creating a house extension is a good decision but it is beneficial only if your extension is properly designed by professional architects in Richmond. Because having clear concepts, a professional architect helps you in building an extension that perfectly suits your lifestyle while adding more space and value to your property.