Discover your Home Style with Architect in London

TW10 is a team of young and energetic RIBA Chartered Architects. We are located in London and working in the residential sector from more than 14 years. Right now, our main focus is on house extensions in Surrey, Richmond and London. Proving our services to all sets of affordable houses to private luxury flats, we believe in providing our services to all types of residential communities because houses are what define the cultural subjective typology. Our network is perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the environment and diverse culture. It is our ideology to improve the living style of residents with comfortable and sustainable homes.

It is one of our prime priorities to design energy efficient residential projects with the help of our architects in London who are constantly involved in getting comprehensive knowledge of latest technology and up to date schemes. We have previously been involved with other companies in the design of green residential schemes which provide long term health benefits for the user.


The demand of residential construction is always driven by government & corporate spending. Profitability depends on the number of contracts and it is based on efficiency and hard work. Large firms like us are better equipped to manage large projects and design the diverse geographic areas. Our major services including architectural plans and engineering designs are especially drafted out for the ideal construction. As local Architects in Richmond we can manage local construction work with local competent contractors on a broad range of projects.

TW10 Architects will discuss & agree all the design options with you. The main requirement to start our work is your satisfaction and for this purpose, we can arrange pre-planning council advice if necessary. We will also guide you through the appropriate permitted development or full planning permission route. On your behalf, we will submit all the required and necessary planning documentation. Our local team will guide you on the project with their experience and professionalism. We can also tender and specify your project in order to achieve a bespoke project to suit your budget.