TW10 creativity to convert an office into a well-designed family house

With 14 years of experience, TW10 is determined to bring innovation with functionality. Affiliated with RIBA Chartered Architects. From the last many years, this young team is making creative residential and house extensions in Richmond. We aim to provide every project distinct and of top quality for every client. Our distinctive role in the field of architecture has also been recognized by OPEN PLANNED – a leading brand and industry leader in home architecture. One of our most extraordinary projects is office transformation into a home. The project was a B1 office space which was converted into a three bedroom family house. This has brought many appreciations for our company. The best part is that this has been mentioned on the website of OPEN PLANNED in a tender praising tone. We feel proud bearer of this tribute! It was very motivational for our team.


Bros Property Development wanted to convert an office into a 3 Bedroom family house. Despite all the limitations associated with its design, structure and area, our creativity helped them to convert the office place into a well-designed family house. It has the required windows for light and expanded as per the requirement of a family. Moreover, this 3 Bedroom family house is in compliance with the building regulations. The evolved architecture of the building let us bag another satisfied customer – inspired by our creativity and amazed by our professional perfection. Such friendly appraisals keep us motivated and we are always on our feet for any house extensions in Richmond.

Your place means a lot to you and this love lets you stay connected to its previous design – even when you want to leave it, convert it or change it altogether. This connection doesn’t let you flare your imagination up to new boundaries – that is where you need an architect – that is when we jump in your landscape. In all our years of working, we have renovated places and carved out many new architectural designs in Richmond – letting us achieve many tributes and praises. That is what we did for Bros Property Developments!

If you want right changes in your place with an amazing architecture, do give us a call. Try us and we will never let you down!


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